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5 tips when choosing a daycare / nursery school

I am in the very fortunate position to be employed…and at the same time in the very unfortunate position of having to look for a daycare / nursery school for my little one when I return to work.  I say unfortunate because who looks forward to leaving that sweet little baby with somebody else 🙁  Below a few tips (in very random order as anything and everything about the school you end up choosing is equally important!) (more…)


Dont feel guilty MOM – get your hair done :-)

Dont feel guily 🙂

Have you ever noticed the moment you become a mother it is almost like you feel guilty spending time and money on yourself?  In your mind there is always something more important that need to get done….the kids need new clothes, or a school camp is coming up or even something silly like ” the hour I spent at the salon would have been better spent with my kids”….NO NO NO. (more…)



So despite all the judgmental looks in hospital I decided that #breastisbest for most people,  I am not most people!  After a failed attempt with baby 1, I could make Pamela Anderson look like Cameron Diaz and decided never again.  Baby 2 went straight on formula and I had my fair share of “why are you not breastfeeding….did you even try….oh you know that is how you bond with your child blah blah blah. (more…)