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Stop Comparing!

Stop comparing…dont we all just love to do that.  This one has this and that one has that and I would love to have that ones car or this ones life.

We are so busy comparing our life to others that we miss all the good things in our own. Things we should be thankful for and value. (more…)


Why do we allow children to be unruly?

So I have been thinking about this topic for a while….why are we allowing our children to be unruly?  Before you judge listen to my theory…..how many times has your child done something that had you thinking ” if I did that when I was a child I would have received the hiding of a lifetime “, how many times has your child spoken to you in a way that got you thinking ” I would have never dared when I was your age”, (more…)


Dont feel guilty MOM – get your hair done :-)

Dont feel guily 🙂

Have you ever noticed the moment you become a mother it is almost like you feel guilty spending time and money on yourself?  In your mind there is always something more important that need to get done….the kids need new clothes, or a school camp is coming up or even something silly like ” the hour I spent at the salon would have been better spent with my kids”….NO NO NO. (more…)



A small 4 letter word….

Trust, such a small little word…..Have you ever been hurt or betrayed by somebody you loved?  Then you will know exactly what I mean when I say forgiveness is easy if you love somebody, trust is a whole different story. (more…)


The Truth Will Set You Free

” An unspoken truth…..remains a lie”

Many people dont realize this, or they do but they prefer not to acknowledge it.

Dont sugar coat the truth to make it more acceptable, dont tell only half of the truth because you think it will hurt less, dont be ashamed of you past or your mistakes, they made you who you are today.  (more…)


Do what is good for you :-)

This is just a little bit of “food for thought” advice……do what is good for YOU What you do everyday should make YOU happy, you shouldn`t be doing things to please other people and act like you are enjoying it, this means you are just lying to yourself and setting yourself up for failure in the end anyway. (more…)