Hubby and his phone :-) A little bit of humor

Does this sound familiar?

You are lying on the couch opposite hubby who is clicking away on his phone, smiling occasionally, blissfully unaware of the stabbing little looks you are sending his way.  Who is he talking to, what is her name, who’s profile pic is he smiling at? You switch to the Cooking Channel hoping the change from roaring engines on Top Gear to the sound of pots and pans on The Cooking Channel might just get his attention away from this other woman (more…)


Why do we allow children to be unruly?

So I have been thinking about this topic for a while….why are we allowing our children to be unruly?  Before you judge listen to my theory… many times has your child done something that had you thinking ” if I did that when I was a child I would have received the hiding of a lifetime “, how many times has your child spoken to you in a way that got you thinking ” I would have never dared when I was your age”, (more…)


Training at home

Ok so before I got pregnant with our third child I followed a very strict eating and training program.   Although I am still on maternity leave, my son is now 9 weeks old and I still have not managed to find the time to return to the gym.  (more…)