When will it be enough?  What is too much or far enough?

My 10 year old daughter was the unfortunate victim of a school bully.  What started a year ago as verbal abuse, and threats, ended up in her being strangled by this other child, and threatened that he will do it again when the teacher is not looking. What was done?  In my eyes nothing, the child was put in confinement for 5 days and not allowed to communicate with the rest of the class.  What did that teach him? Nothing….

When did it become ok to allow verbal abuse among 10 year old children?  When did it come to a point that we only take action when it gets physical?  Why do we turn a blind eye towards the first warning signs?  Why do 10 year old children do these things?  As a society we are failing our children.  As schools, governments and parents we are failing our children.  It is like we are creating a generation of criminals.  What do you think the bully will do when he grows up?  What values are we teaching our children?  Then we wonder why the world is is filled with serial rapists, murderers and thief’s.  We are allowing children to strangle another child in school and punish them with 5 days in isolation, but when an adult strangles someone its attempted murder?

To the parents who allows their child to take another child`s lunch money and does nothing….your are teaching your child to be a thief. To the parents who does nothing when your child is physically or verbally abusive towards another child – you are teaching them its ok to be a criminal, because when they are adults all the behavior that you are allowing now will most probably be a criminal offence.

Then, to the parents who knows that your child is being bullied and does nothing, be careful, what you allow now they will most probably allow in their adult life and relationships, because this to them will be normal and acceptable.

I have made the decision that I will not fail my children.  I will not sit back and watch them being bullied and  do nothing.  I will not allow them to grow up thinking this is ok, that it ok to be verbally or physically abused by anybody.  I will make sure that they know I will always stand up for them. Because if I don`t, who will?

Our children are already failed by people they look up to and respect on a daily basis, don`t fail your child as a parent as well.



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