I have a very specific reason for writing this post.  I am so completely sick and tired of normal birth mommies looking down at c-section mommies.  WE ALSO DID IT!  But for some reason we are seen as less of a mom and less of a woman because apparently we cheated somehow and got “at least a week off” pregnancy.

Let me educate you a little,  take note that this is only my opinion from my own personal experience and is not based on any medical facts / information.

I was in the fortunate position to have a very open minded doctor when I fell pregnant with my first (of three) children.  She gave me the option an I chose to have a Cesarean Section…yes I CHOSE TO.  This was a personal choice that I am not ashamed of at all!

I didn’t even think or know at that time that apparently we have this culture of ” C-Section mommies are not real mothers”  out there.

I am a mom who has 3 children….born into this world via C-Section BY CHOICE and I am no less than a mom who gave birth the normal way! I did not have it easy, I had major surgery and I held my child with the same amount of love than you did Miss Normal Birth.  In fact I think my pain following surgery was way more than yours, still I smiled through the hospital visits and I loved my child no less than you loved yours!

I went through major surgery, unbearable pain the first time I could get up and walk,and guess what I still have this special bond with my child!

My point is, and I am really trying my best not to be rude….IT IS MY CHOICE!!!!  Stop judging mothers for choosing a C-Section, just as much as a normal delivery is your choice,please don`t judge my decision...my body my choice :-) I do not need your approval :-) 

I would much rather deal with 10 stitches on my tummy….than 5 on my yummy -)


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