So despite all the judgmental looks in hospital I decided that #breastisbest for most people,  I am not most people!  After a failed attempt with baby 1, I could make Pamela Anderson look like Cameron Diaz and decided never again.  Baby 2 went straight on formula and I had my fair share of “why are you not breastfeeding….did you even try….oh you know that is how you bond with your child blah blah blah.  It was not for me and it was my choice!  Anyway, Baby 3 was exactly the same, just like the #breastisbest mommies (who I actually have a lot of respect for, just do`nt force your philosophy on me)I decided to stand my ground, endure the "are you not even going to try, are you sure" looks and go straight to formula.  Started on normal infant formula recommended by the hospital, one very constipated baby later switched to soy and not I have a not so much constipated but rater gassy and runny tummy baby :-(  So whats - that`s what we all do hours before you go to the doctor anyway and by the time you get there you have diagnosed yourself with some horrible disease and are already contemplating what sandwiches they will be serving at your funeral.  Now google is filled with all kinds of forums for pregnant mommies and mommies and breastfeeding mommies, quite overwhelming and confusing to say the least.  Firs of all what is up with all the abbreviations??  I feel like I need a special manual - "mommy lingo" to understand a word!  Its filled with LO`s (little one) and DH`s (dear husband) and EBF`s (exclusive breastfeeding) and is confusing to say the least.  After spending quite some time deciphering this special lingo I am still nowhere as now apparently you get normal formula, then soy and sensitive and hypo allergenic and lactose free and quite frankly I am now starting to think that maybe I should have seriously considered giving the breastfeeding a go :-( Why is it so difficult - just write on the flipping tin "this is for babies with a suspected allergy to milk or lactose or soy or what ever instead of writing "This is a naturally complete infant formula and does not contain breast milk (duh!!!!) and then the famous last words.....breast milk is the best food for babies in nice bold letters.  Its not like I don`t already feel like a complete failure as I am switching milk for the third time, didn`t try the #breastisbest option, I cant exactly make a big scene as I am the one always walking around very proud saying "its a personal choice, my other two children actually turned out just fine and I love them and they love me even tough the important bonding time apparently only gained by breastfeeding did not happen"  So please oh please infant formula manufacturers....please just make it more simple and instead of giving me a whole list of ingredients that just reminds me of the special mommy lingo filled with LO`s and DH`s which I by the way still don`t understand, just give me a nice breakdown explaining your product and say something like "recommended for babies with the following symptoms / allergies" as easy as that.....


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