Okay so I started Hastagz just over a month ago basically as my own little project, and the fascination and excitement just kept on growing to a point now where I am actually addicted 🙂 I just love to be able to have a place where I can write my thoughts and opinions on various topics, and just be myself 🙂 

I started a Instagram account – Hashtagz_za and still get that little bolt of satisfaction when I get a new follower, how exciting!

Hubby – a very good and established wedding dj in our area saw this and decided to start a similar little project of his own…and so the Instagram Followers War begins 🙂

A bit of friendly, healthy competition never hurt anybody, and this so exciting as we are both now working on building our followers and creating unique platforms for both our genres and pages 🙂 It gives us something to laugh about and we are constantly nibbling at each other saying “hey I got an extra follower” and its basically just a lot of fun 🙂

What is my point with all of this?  I never thought something as simple as starting Hashtagz could actually give us just another thing that we have in common and can talk about and basically have a lot of fun with. 

Maybe you should see with as an example that the strangest things can bring people closer, and give you just another shared interest.  Try something new 🙂 you might be pleasantly surprised!  It doesnt have to be what I now refer to as the “Instagram Followers War” :-), it can be anything…be creative…

I just love this, let the Instagram Followers War continue 🙂

PS: To my dear husband…I love you…and I dont like losing so take note 🙂


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