We all look at the pictures of all the fit moms with their trimmed abs and we then make a new years resolution that we are going to give up all the junk food, eat clean en train every day.

That is very good and the first step is recognizing and admitting that you need a lifestyle change, but lets be realistic. Your 3 year old is not going to eat salad and boiled up chicken every night, and since you are a mom you cannot put on your yoga pants and head to the gym when ever you want!

Try to make healthy food a bit more interesting for you children but cutting ad arranging it into different shapes and sizes 🙂  

So be realistic, the fact that you are a mommy without a full time nanny does not mean that you cannot adopt a healthy lifestyle and training routine, you just might have to adapt and do it a bit different, and I can guarantee it is going to take a lot of motivation, dedication and determination but with a little bit of effort you can make it work!

Dont start with a routine that makes army camp look like a nursery concert.  Depending on your current fitness level you can even start off with taking a walk every day, and increasing that to a jog, as long as you keep pushing yourself to do more and better every day,

  • What are your goals – and does it fit into your schedule – the first step is to determine what your goals are.  Do you just want to be fit and healthy or do you want to do more dramatic strength training.  Once you have decided what your goals are you need to sit down and work out how this will fit into your schedule.
  • Is it realistic? – Dont be unrealistic, you will just be setting yourself up for disappointment.  You cannot expect to be training and eating clean for a month and all the stubborn baby fat and years of eating junk food rolls will just disappear.  It takes time and dedication to do things right.  Dont fall for all these quick fix diets, they might assist in the short run but it is not a sustainable or healthy lifestyle and will do more damage than good in the long run.
  • Do you have a support structure to assist – Do you have somebody to look after the kids while you go to the gym?  Does your partner support you lifestyle change and is he willing to assist even if it is just on a motivational level?  It is very difficult to change your lifestyle if your loved ones does not support you.  If you have all been leading a very unhealthy lifestyle I suggest sitting them down and explaining your goals to them. Hopefully they will all be willing to jump in and get healthy, if not I am sure your progress should in time be enough motivation for them to join in 🙂
  • Are you going to a gym or starting at home – How motivated are you? – This is very tricky and also depends a lot on what your goals are, and on your personal circumstances.  Lets face the facts – not all of us can afford a nanny to look after our kids, or to pay a gym membership.  Although for personal motivation reasons I would suggest you start off by joining a gym where you have other people with the same goals to motivate you but if you cant then it does not mean all is lost.  There are quite a few at home workout apps that you can download on the play store that will at least give you a decent workout.  See a few examples here http://hashtagz.co.za/?p=237 .  You need to understand if you choose the at home approach it will take a bit more dedication from you, but it is by no means impossible!
  • Equipment – With just some basic equipment you can increase the intensity of almost every workout.  Basic equipment to consider if you are opting for the at home option is a set of dumbbells (improvise with a bag of sugar if you have to 🙂 ), a jump rope, a yoga mat, medicine ball and a exercise resistant band.  As your fitness level increase and fitness goals adapt you might consider kettle bells and pull up bars but these are in my opinion not a necessity.
  • Medical Problems –  If you know of any medical problems you need to consult with your doctor before you start any training, at home or at the gym!
  • Choosing your gym – This will again depend on your personal circumstances.  If you need to take your children with then obviously you need to choose a gym with a decent and safe kids play area.  Another contributing factor is of course time management – you need to work out how long you have to train each day, take into consideration commuting times to and from gym and choose a gym location according to that.  If you only have one hour per day to workout, you cant be making use of gym that is a 15 minute commute, you will end up with only 30 minutes to train.
  • Choosing your eating plan and accommodating your family – Understand that your eating plan, and your family`s supper menu might not be the same.  I just improvise – if I am making Chicken A La King for the kids for supper, I fry the chicken strips, take some out for me for a salad, and then continue to finish their meal.  You can basically do this with almost all dishes. I just try to eat as healthy as possible, if I am making veggie bake for the kids, I just take out my vegetables before all the cheese sauce goes on – these are just examples, you need to find out what works for you.  Instead of eating rice with my supper, I substitute with cauliflower rice, and if I dont have any I literally just grate a cauliflower head and boil it.
  • Adjusting you goals – As you fitness level improves your goals will most likely change – but you can deal with that when it gets there.  For now, just start, get up and do something!  It is worth it!

Today is a good day to start, so get up and get going !!!


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