I am a mommy of three beautiful children, the youngest only 10 weeks.  There is nothing that annoys me more that people thinking it is okay to kiss my child!  I cringe every time I see a pair of smudgy lips coming in for the kill, because that is very literally what can happen, but more about that a bit later. I have been labelled as being stuck up, thinking I am better than other people, over protective and and and…you know what, I dont care my child’s health comes first!

First of all, it is never okay to kiss another persons child.  I actually dont care if you are related or not, its just not okay for so many reasons! What is worst is people dont even consider how you as a parent might feel about their kissing habits! Honestly I dont mind a kiss on the head from one of the grannies, that is my personal choice, but that is as far as it goes.

I hate going to the mall and ending up looking like a crazy person swatting flies trying to keep everybody’s hands away from my baby.  I am not a neurotic person walking around with a bottle of sanitzer and keeping my children in a protective bubble all day long, but certain things are just not right!  You dont kiss another persons child, and you dont stick your hands (which I by the way dont even know if you washed when you last went to the loo) in their faces touching their little hands and cheeks and tickling their little faces in an attempt to make them smile…

Look seriously I understand the urge, I mean babies are just a cuteness overload and I think its impulse to just want to kiss those sweet pink lips, but I am sure you as a grownup can tame your impulses and be responsible!

Kisses spread germs, germs can be fatal for infants who have not yet had time to build their little immune systems.  Agreed that even a parents kiss can contain lots of harmful germs, that is exactly why I dont kiss my little one on his lips, there are so many other ways to show affection and to show your baby that you love him and make him feel appreciated!

Cold Sores – I recently saw a Facebook post where 2 parents lost their precious baby to the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)  the type associated with cold sores.  Did you know that even if you currently dont have a cold sore, you are still carrying the virus and your kiss can send a little baby to hospital – because their immune systems are not strong enough to fight the virus this can be fatal to them.  

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease –  Although very common, this is so uncomfortable for any child and extremely contagious, and spread by saliva.  Both adults and children can suffer from this, so even an innocent kiss on a babies hand that leaves the slightest trail of saliva behind, can infect your baby.  Because lets be honest, what does most babies do with their hands…they have it their mouths most of the time.

Stomach Viruses – If you as a parent had to sit with a sick child through stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomit (sometimes projectile 🙁 ) episodes you will know that it is absolutely aweful to see your child so miserable! Stomach viruses are normally extremely contagious, and if you have one you should not even be near a baby, let alone kissing them!  Babies can dehydrate very quickly, and then require a stay in hospital receiving an IV to get fluids back into their little bodies.  Why would any responsible adult risk doing this to a child?

Skin Care Products – My baby boy developed eczema at about 3 weeks old.  Due to this we only use special creams and soaps to not aggravate it or irritate his skin.  How do you know that the lip gloss, or concealer that you are wearing are also of the same composition.  Your face products can actually cause an eczema flare up for my little boy which is extremely painful and uncomfortable.

RSV Virus – Also called Respiratory syncytial virus is extremely contagious.  This infection has long been characterized as dangerous and even deadly especially for infants less than 6 months of age.  It can cause very severe breathing difficulty and is one of the most common causes for pediatric hospitalization.  It spreads through droplets containing the virus when someone coughs or sneezes.  Hence, keep those bodily fluids away from my children!

These are really only a few of the reasons why every parent should adopt a “no kissing” policy when it comes to their kids.  Apart from that, just like your children should never be forced to hug anybody, they should also have the choice of who is allowed a peck on the cheek. Until they are old enough to do this and say no, the onus is on you as a parent to do what is best from them, and looking at the facts, that is:





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