“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” – probably one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves, right next to “I dont care what people say or think about me”

We all do, secretly and sometimes hidden behind a lot of smiles we all care what people think about us, and words hurt, pretty much!  How many times have you not done something out of fear of how people will react, and what they might think of you?  How many times has somebody criticized something you have done, you laugh it off but deep down inside it hurts – words hurt!

Once spoken, a word can never be taken back, it can never become unspoken, and although forgiving a hurtful word is not that difficult, forgetting it is a whole different story.

Before you speak:

  1. Is it true?  What is the point of speaking and hurting somebody with a lie.  What is the point of telling a story if you know it is not true? Would you like it if somebody spread untrue rumors about you?  What does it say about you and your character if you are one that is in the business of spreading lies?
  2. Is it kind?  My mom always said ” if you have nothing good to say, rather keep quite ”  Why would you want to hurt somebody with your unkind words, you never really know what else that person might be facing in life.  Do you really want to be the one to add to their misery?  Do you think this is fair?
  3. Is it beneficial?  Will the words you are about to speak actually benefit anybody, or will you just be hurting someone with your sharp tongue.  If it is not going to be beneficial, why say anything?  If it is not going to help somebody, or be a just warning, why do it?
  4. Is it necessary?  We should all stop speaking ” just for the sake of saying something” Sometimes it really is better to rather say nothing at all. Even if you heard something, about somebody, and you know it is true, what will you gain by broadcasting it to anybody willing to listen?  Is that really necessary?
  5. Is it appropriate?  How many times have somebody made a comment, or said something at completely the wrong time?  How many times have you heard somebody saying something to another person and think “that was really inappropriate”  It really makes you look like an inconsiderate fool, nobody thinks you are funny except maybe you.

Your words have power, use them wisely!




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