So you have to face “the other woman” at a function. What do you do?  Follow these 5 tips to get through it with dignity, respect and well basically without killing anybody 🙂 

You contemplate how you are going to get to the venue, guns blazing, and push her into the first fish pond you can find.  In your mind you see the total and utter look of shock on her face while algae and dirty green fish pond water run across her (she is not even that pretty 😉 ) face.  If luck is on your side a dead fish might just get lodged in her hair, you can feel the satisfaction already 🙂 I know this is extremely tempting, and would really make you feel so much better…but dont 🙂 rather follow the following tips to make sure you get through the day with dignity and respect.

  1. Dress to kill – Dress to kill, do your hair, spend some more time on the make-up and make sure you look your best.  This will give you the self confidence to stare straight into her face…and smile!  
  2. Be dignified – you need to remember, it is probably worse for her to be in the same room with you.  The uncertainty of how you are going to react and act towards her is killing her as well…good, keep it like that.
  3. Enjoy yourself – nothing is more annoying to her than seeing you happy, smiling and laughing.  This to her is just a constant reminder that she lost, she tried, but she lost.   
  4. Dont stare at her – I know its tempting, to constantly stare at her (all the time thinking the fish pond green water would go with that shirt she is wearing) but dont.  By constantly acknowledging her presence to her might be an indication that you still have issues, show her she doesnt matter – what better way to do this than to just simply ignore her.
  5. Dont be clingy – Being clingy and needy towards hubby on that day will not do you any good.  She might just think you are keeping him on a leash because she is around.  Remember, he chose you, not her, so you dont need to be hanging onto him like a teenager in love, you have nothing to prove.

Now relax, calm yourself and enjoy the day…and steer clear of the fish ponds 🙂



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