Stop comparing…dont we all just love to do that.  This one has this and that one has that and I would love to have that ones car or this ones life.

We are so busy comparing our life to others that we miss all the good things in our own. Things we should be thankful for and value.

  • Did you wake up this morning?  Good, it means you have been given another day, use it wisely!
  • When you woke up, did you manage to see what time it is? Good, it means you are still blessed with the gift of sight, use it to look at all the beautiful things in your life to be thankful for.
  • Did you have a hot shower this morning? Good, it means you can be thankful for hot water and electricity,not everybody has that luxury.
  • Did you walk to your kitchen and got some coffee? Good, it means you are blessed with the gift of mobility, be grateful. 
  • Did you have some breakfast? Good, it means you are in the fortunate position to have food on your table.
  • Did you hear the cars racing by? Good, you still have the gift of hearing, appreciate it.
  • Were you upset at the mess the kids left behind in the lounge? Good, that means you have a family, something others can only dream of.
  • Did you complain about the price of petrol? Good, that means you have transport to take you where you need to go, be grateful.
  • Are all the WhatsApp messages disturbing you? Good, it means somebody cares about you, and are interested in how your day is going, appreciate that.
  • Mom or dad really getting on your nerves today? Good, your parents are still alive, enjoy the time you have left with them.

We sometimes tend to overlook all the blessings in our life, chasing the lifes of others, not knowing that the things you tend to take for granted every day, are normally things money cant buy.

Go home today, and love your family – you dont know how long you will have them to love.



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