So the day goes on and hubby is dead quite, not a single text or call or nothing.  And then we as woman start thinking…and that is normally where the chaos begins 🙂 

He is active on social media, he is posting on mutual WhatsApp groups but not a single message to his loving woman at home…pfft!  You see we normally don`t understand that men are put together different than woman.  If you are out on a trip to the mall with the girls all he wants to know is did you get there safe, and send me message when you leave.  Maybe, once he starts getting payment confirmation messages you might get a “slow down” or “what are you buying” but that is about it.

Woman, well we are a whole different story.  We want to know when you get there, what are you doing, are you still ok, are you enjoying it, what are you going to do next, what did you have for breakfast, and this is just before 10am.

Men, you need to understand as soon as you go quite for more than an hour, unfortunately, and by no fault of our own :-), we start wondering, thinking and analyzing why this is happening.  What did we do or say before you left that might have upset you?  We restart our phones a few times to make sure that we dont have a signal problem, and stare at the screen a bit longer.

By the time you have reached the 2 hour mark you need to understand that we are now starting to wonder who you are talking to, who you are with thats keeping you so busy that you dont have time for one single message..this is where the chaos starts.

By the time you have reached three hours you have a lot of explaining to do Mr. We are now rather upset with you, and you stand a very big chance of getting no supper when you get home.

This is just the way it is 🙂 nothing anybody can do to change it.  We can try to compromise, but unfortunately the reality will always be…men – text your woman…woman – understand your husband is not a complete douche bag they are just put together that way 🙂

A good tip to any man…happy wife…happy life 🙂



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