Most of us get a notification in the morning that you have memories to look back on on the Facebook On This Day page.  It used to annoy me slightly because lets face it although we all love going down the trip to memory lane sometimes there are just memories that you do not want to be reminded of.

For example, have you ever noticed that as soon as something bad happens in your life, or you basically just feel down for some reason we see all the little quotes, memes and posters on Facebook saying in very clear terms exactly how you feel.  Only difference is you post it as a meme, and then right after that you post another meme urging your friends to realize just because you are posting something does not mean you are actually going through that, maybe you just like the quote… yeah right!  We all know that is probably one of the biggest Facebook lies we tell ourselves!  If you are posting a meme or quote saying “a strong woman knows how to keep her life in line. With tears in her eyes she still manages to say I`m fine” then you probably are not fine, and chances are you are posting this so that the person who is at the root of your sadness can see it, read it and hopefully realize what they are doing wrong by deciphering all your memes and hopefully change their behavior.

Two years down the line what ever had you so upset on that particular day has long been resolved, but here comes the Facebook Memory just to remind you ” Hey, remember when this or that happened, remember how sad or hurt you were” and its like opening a can of worms, all over again.

So what can you do… first thing is maybe to try not to post all your personal feelings on Facebook.  I have tried this over the last couple of months and it is actually not that difficult 🙂 The problem with posting your heart on Facebook it not everybody reading your post necessarily really cares, sometimes its just something else to gossip about.  Secondly, we sometimes don’t realize that some people takes everything literally, you will post a quote saying ” a strong woman does not need a man`s validation” and tomorrow the rumor that you are getting divorced, shaving your head and becoming an activist for womans rights has already reached your second cousin that you never speak to 600kms away.

I have made the decision not to post negative thoughts and feelings on Facebook.  I make a point to look at my Facebook Memories every morning, and I delete all the negative feelings, thoughts and things I used to post about.  It is quite therapeutic 🙂 and this way I know, next year my On This Day will only be filled with good thoughts, memories, and occasions I actually want to be reminded of.




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