Does this sound familiar?

You are lying on the couch opposite hubby who is clicking away on his phone, smiling occasionally, blissfully unaware of the stabbing little looks you are sending his way.  Who is he talking to, what is her name, who’s profile pic is he smiling at? You switch to the Cooking Channel hoping the change from roaring engines on Top Gear to the sound of pots and pans on The Cooking Channel might just get his attention away from this other woman  ….damn he must really be into this girl he didn’t even notice!  You start breaking out in cold sweat partly because you cannot stand the fact that you can’t get close enough to the phone without him noticing exactly what you are trying to see, and partly because its hard work figuring out who will pay for the divorce attorney and who gets the dogs.  ” Screw him, I will just stare at the television and act like I don’t care.”

Meantime, hubby is sitting on the couch, listening to you yawn thinking poor thing she sounds exhausted, better not bother her and let her relax.  And he happily clicks away on Facebook checking out some really funny videos on Funny Videos By Diply, without sound by the way because he noticed that you are really into that cooking show as you have been staring at the television set for the last 30 minutes without even looking in any other direction.

Why does this very common misunderstanding happen so often?

According to a study from the Journal of Behavioral Addictions who surveyed 2,500 college students to observe whether cell phone habits differed between men and women one of the conclusions were that women use their phone for social benefits whereas men use their phones as a source for entertainment and information.  So while you might be thinking that hubby is busy looking at all kinds of inappropriate pictures and chatting up any and every flooze that is interested, he might actually just be reading up on the latest technology trends or watching a DIY video on how to fix the broken ceiling fan (because lets face it in his heart every man is a handyman and it would just be an insult to call an electrician who is actually trained to fix the fan, no videos needed)

Sometimes we need to accept that our significant others are unfortunately not very good at always reading our minds and thoughts (there are no DIY videos for that 🙂 ) and just speak up.  If hubby is spending all his free time on his phone and you are feeling neglected, tell him, talk to him, hide the charger if you have to 😉

Don`t jump to conclusions…..use his Google My Activity account to find out exactly what he has been up to…I AM JOKING…relax, our men are not always as bad as our neurotic brains sometimes tell us they are 🙂

If all else fails, give his phone a nice makeover with one of these 😉 it should put him off caressing those buttons more than you for a while, at least until he finds a DIY on how to remove it 🙂



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