If you are like me, I found it extremely difficult to find appropriate clothes to wear after my third c-section.  I think the biggest contributing factor was the fact that I did not know how to dress to take attention away from the dreaded c-section pooch (I am sure even if you had a natural birth you still have this problem)

I quickly realized that wearing baggy clothing did not help at all!  This actually made me look kilo`s heavier!  I wish somebody gave me some of these tips (note this is only in my opinion and experience), it would have saved me a lot of unnecessary shopping trips and morning crying in front of my cupboard.

Keep in mind that it can take anything between 6 – 10 weeks just for your uterus to return to pre-pregnancy size, so cut yourself some slack ###

#  Dont wear baggy clothing, although I understand it is normal to think this will hide all the little rolls gained during pregnancy this actually just makes you look bigger than what you really are and will not hide anything!  So make sure that you wear clothing that actually fits you.  I am not saying anything tight fitting, a loose top is fine, just avoid looking like you are dressed in a tent 🙂 Look at the examples below, these beautiful ladies are no size 0 models, but see how stunning they look 🙂




## We all know that black makes you look thinner, consider purchasing a few darker colors to disguise your problem areas.  Colors that work well are chocolate brown,navy blue, a deep red and purple…and then of course black.






### Avoid wearing white shirts, the color will actually just accentuate your torso and make you look bigger.Choose clothing that rather emphasize your chest and hips, this will draw attention away from your problem area if it is you stomach or as the mommy lingo refers to – the pooch 🙂 .




#### Colors and patterns creates the illusion of a thinner form, I found that horizontal stripes on dark clothing works like a charm.




##### Consider pants with a stretchy waistband (I still prefer leggings, and these are really not expensive).  Make sure that they fit comfortably around your waist and legs.  Wear some longer shirts or short dresses over them and you are good to go!




I hope this helps ###









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