Ok so before I got pregnant with our third child I followed a very strict eating and training program.   Although I am still on maternity leave, my son is now 9 weeks old and I still have not managed to find the time to return to the gym.  I had a c-section so naturally had to wait until 6 weeks after, but 3 weeks later and here I am, eating healthy but no training.  I just cant get myself to load my little boy in the car, and take him to gym with me with weights falling, people sweating (and they would definitely not let the sweat dripping from their faces stop them from touching him and picking him up…..eeeeuuww).  So I decided to look on the app store for some at home training programs and must say I am pleasantly surprised!

Yes, it takes a bit more dedication because nobody is watching if you are cheating or not finishing your daily routine, but if you have a little bit of self motivation, perseverance and 30 minutes a day you can actually get one mean workout from these apps!

I found these to be the best ones:

7 minute workout

Buttocks Workout

Womens Fitness – lose belly fat in one week

These apps offer awesome challenges, and you can choose your difficulty level, as well as the time you want to train for.  Remember, it doesnt matter how hard you train, you still need to follow a pretty decent and healthy eating program 🙂

Give it a try, you might just be surprised at how easy it is to still get a decent workout in the comfort of your own home 🙂


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