We were recently blessed with our third baby…a boy 🙂 Before he was born I was employed full time earning a decent salary, in a stable working environment.

I have had so many people ask me if I will be returning to work in January (currently on Maternity Leave) and I have to admit until he was born I never really considered not returning to work!

I am at this point torn between two worlds.  I love working, earning my own salary and contributing my share to our household.  On the other hand, I would love to be able to spend more quality time with my son, as well as my other two children.

To be honest I have always felt like it doesnt matter what I do one aspect of life will always be neglected.  Before I became pregnant I was working, working out at least an hour a day which meant we would get home late, and have about an hour a day to spend with our children.  This was never really quality time as that hour included preparing supper and getting everybody bathed and ready for bed.  I could leave the exercise, have an extra hour with my family but then I would be neglecting my own body and health again?  I could quit my job, pick them up from school, have enough time to prepare a proper meal every day, spend much more quality time with them, have time to still work out…..but then I would be giving up my own financial independence.

I have been searching online to find out if there is any work from home opportunities that would allow me to do all these things and still earn a little bit of an income for myself and to keep me sane……I have found online surveys at Clixsense and although you make some money it not at all enough to secure a stable income…..blogging has been my next step but as we all know to monetize your blog takes at least 6 months, I am at least through month one 🙂


Any other ideas?  I would love to hear from other mommy’s in the same situation as me, and what you ended up doing?




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