The like button on social media is something I think we use way to often, easy and without thinking what it is capable of.  Think about it…..if you are married or in a committed relationship why on earth would you be trolling social media and hit the like button on every half naked pic you see?  Before my third child was born I was really into fitness and eating clean, and would love to be able to post a pic of my washboard flat tummy while holding my 7 week old in one hand and a 16kg kettle bell in the other, but reality is I cant do that because I dont look like that!  We all know that taking a picture from the perfect angle can make anybody look good, not even talking about all the applications you can download to make you look like a model that has just escaped from the FHM and is on the loose in the perfect world.  Stop doing that, you Ms Photoshop are creating unrealistic expectations to the man who`s wife also just had a baby and sees your perfectly photoshopped picture, you are probably the reason a new mother hates her body, one that she should actually be proud of.   You probably cause more tears and resentment than you can ever imagine with your perfectly photoshopped photo, tears of a woman that sees her husband liking you photo knowing in a realistic world she will never be able to look like that, maybe not always knowing….neither do you!


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