I had just started with a very good training and eating plan when I found out that I was expecting our third child.  Although I was obviously super excited I also wanted to make sure that I did whatever I can to ensure that it doesn`t take too long to get my body back to where it was.

I opted not to train while pregnant for personal reasons, but found one product that was extremely helpful!  I did a lot of research on Belly Binding after a C-Section and found an awesome product called Goodbye Belly.

I used it for 6 weeks after my C-Section and can honestly say that every single pregnant mommy should have this!  Apart form medical benefits that you can look up yourself 😉 I found it so helpful with pain control, and it really assisted with getting my tummy back and minimizing the dreaded C-Section “pooch” everybody talks about!

If you are pregnant or have just given birth….get one!! They are awesome and from personal experience I will most definitely recommend it!

I used https://goodbyebelly.co.za/shop/ but I suppose they all do the same job 🙂


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