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5 tips when choosing a daycare / nursery school

I am in the very fortunate position to be employed…and at the same time in the very unfortunate position of having to look for a daycare / nursery school for my little one when I return to work.  I say unfortunate because who looks forward to leaving that sweet little baby with somebody else 🙁  Below a few tips (in very random order as anything and everything about the school you end up choosing is equally important!) (more…)


Why do we allow children to be unruly?

So I have been thinking about this topic for a while….why are we allowing our children to be unruly?  Before you judge listen to my theory… many times has your child done something that had you thinking ” if I did that when I was a child I would have received the hiding of a lifetime “, how many times has your child spoken to you in a way that got you thinking ” I would have never dared when I was your age”, (more…)


School Bullies

When will it be enough?  What is too much or far enough?

My 10 year old daughter was the unfortunate victim of a school bully.  What started a year ago as verbal abuse, and threats, ended up in her being strangled by this other child, and threatened that he will do it again when the teacher is not looking. What was done?  In my eyes nothing, the child was put in confinement for 5 days and not allowed to communicate with the rest of the class.  What did that teach him? Nothing…. (more…)