7 Awesome Doggy Treats For Christmas

Dont we all just love our 4 legged friends 🙂 In fact we love them so much that we have no problem sharing our supper with them, and we cant wait to see them tuck into all the leftovers from Christmas Dinner.   But before you give in to those puppy eyes look at the list of foods that are actually bad for them…so you are in fact not doing them a favor 🙁 (more…)


Every Mom can be a Fit Mom!

We all look at the pictures of all the fit moms with their trimmed abs and we then make a new years resolution that we are going to give up all the junk food, eat clean en train every day.

That is very good and the first step is recognizing and admitting that you need a lifestyle change, but lets be realistic. (more…)


Stop Comparing!

Stop comparing…dont we all just love to do that.  This one has this and that one has that and I would love to have that ones car or this ones life.

We are so busy comparing our life to others that we miss all the good things in our own. Things we should be thankful for and value. (more…)


5 tips when choosing a daycare / nursery school

I am in the very fortunate position to be employed…and at the same time in the very unfortunate position of having to look for a daycare / nursery school for my little one when I return to work.  I say unfortunate because who looks forward to leaving that sweet little baby with somebody else 🙁  Below a few tips (in very random order as anything and everything about the school you end up choosing is equally important!) (more…)